Who We Are

Enbarr Vision was founded by Catherine Collins, a rural business and personal development specialist. Hailing from rural West Cork with deep ancestral roots in Irish heritage, Catherine, is fuelling her passion for Irish culture, history, myth and the environment through Enbarr Vision. She has an undeniably profound knowledge of strategic and operational management and has been working in the hospitality, tourism, Agri and local community & voluntary sectors over the past 20 years. She thrives in bringing the small detail to the bigger picture through realistic and cost-effective measures that make all interactions prosperous.

Creating, strengthening and cohesively ensuring there is a warm- and whole-hearted people experience through all avenues of the customer life cycle is what she guarantees throughout in her business development services at Enbarr Vision. Bringing her qualities as a life coach and facilitator into all interactions ensures the people she assists are helped in everyway with great love and compassion.